Online Survey Site Comparison - SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo and Zoomerang

Customer feedback is a key element in any business. Online surveys are a great tool for obtaining valuable information from your membership and your clients, In this blog I’ll review three online survey sites, including SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo and Zoomerang.
I chose these three survey sites because they are all popular sites, and SurveyMonkey and Zoomerang have been in business since 1999. I also decided to review SurveyGizmo since lately they have been getting a lot of good press, so I wanted to see how they would measure up to the tried and true survey sites.

All three sites offer a free version of their product which includes basic survey features. Each of the company’s basic service has their own set of limits, so I’ve outlined them below so that you can quickly analyze their features. For the research purposes, I created a survey on each site with the same ten questions. All three sites are user friendly, and it only takes about twenty five minutes to set up a quick survey that you can post as a link on your website or send out in your emails. I included in the review what discounts are available to nonprofit organizations, and I provided links to each sites subscriptions rates and features. Finally, I gave a quick list of each site’s pros and cons.

Basic Survey Features Comparison = Free Service


Basic Service – Free

  • 10 Question Limit
  • 100 Reponses
  • Create Survey Questions from Scratch – Templates are only provided at the subscription level
  • Section 508 Compliant
  • Support – Video Tutorials


Basic Service – Free

  • Unlimited Number of Questions
  • 250 Responses/month (+250 the next month)
  • They Won’t Delete Your Data
  • Section 508 Compliant
  • Copy a Previous Survey from Your Account
  • Create Survey Questions from Scratch
  • Support – Forums, FAQ, Tutorials and Webinars


Basic Service – Free

  • 30 Questions
  • 100 Responses
  • Expires after 10 days - * If the 10 days expires on your basic Zoomerang account you can purchase an additional 10 days for $25
  • Ongoing Membership is Free
  • Create Surveys from Scratch or Templates – which include a large variety, specific to industries - nonprofit, event planning, education, etc.
  • Copy a Previous Survey
  • Support – Online Support via Console and Forums – phone support is for zPro subscribers only

Features and Pricing Tables – Some of the sites provide lengthy comparison tables so I’ve provided the links to each table.


Monthly Pro - 19.95/month
Annual Pro - $200/year


Enterprise - $159/month
Pro - $49/month
Personal - $19/month


zPro - $599/year
Educational - $350/year
Nonprofit - $350/year
One Month subscription – $75/month - I had to dig on their site to discover this price point.

Non profit Discounts:

SurveyMonkey offers a discount of 25% for quarterly and annual subscriptions to certain customers. The discount will be offered only to corporations, trusts and foundations which (a) are organized exclusively for charitable purposes, (b) receive substantial support directly from the general public or private individuals and (c) are exempt from taxation under IRC Section 501(c)(3).

Please fax or email the appropriate documentation to 503-225-1200.
Attention: Chris Finley”

SurveyGizmo offers Non-Profit and Educational Discounts 50%-off annual subscriptions to Pro or Enterprise. The current discount would equate to:

Pro = $24.50/month and Enterprise = $79.50/month.

Zoomerang offers nonprofits a price of $350/year or $99/three month subscription for their Zpro subscription which is their highest subscription level. This subscription is valued at $599 a year. They also offer to anyone a one month zPro subscription for $75.

zPro for Nonprofits gives you access to:

  • Prebuilt survey templates – designed for nonprofits
  • Unlimited survey responses- get feedback for your entire membership base
  • Dedicated phone support – if you ever need their help

New Features – Each site has recently launched new features.

SurveyMonkey – In their February 2008 update, they announced that their surveys are now Section 508 compliant. They have also provided an update to their Professional Subscribers ($200/year) by offering Customized Reports, which provides better data management and data analysis. More details are provided here.

SurveyGizmo – “We are happy to announce the successful launch of SurveyGizmo’s New Email Invitation & Reminder Tool! The most important thing we have done is to streamline the invitation screens to make creating, monitoring and managing the invitation process easier.” More details are provided here.

Zoomerang – In November 2007 Zoomerang announced “Zoomerang Anywhere.” It has the power to send out mobile surveys that are based on short message service (SMS) text messages. This service is offered for $799/year. More details are provided here.


Pros of Each Site

SurveyMonkey – The price is right, at $200/year their full price it less than the other two sites nonprofit discounted price.

SurveyGizmo – They have the best Basic service, which offers unlimited number of question and 250 responses a month that they’ll never delete. They offer the best variety of online support and tutorials.

Zoomerang – The set up is easy, and they provide a variety of templates with specific survey questions based on industry. Out of the three, their surveys are the most visually appealing.

Cons of Each Site

SurveyMonkey – Their Basic version only allows ten questions in each survey.

SurveyGizmo – They don’t offer specific sample templates with questions for various types of industries.

Zoomerang – Your data survey data expires after 10 days.

If you’re thinking about generating an online survey, try one of these sites. It only takes a few minutes, and may learn a few new things about your membership or clients.

Keep an eye out for a future blog that will focus on tips to write effective survey questions.